The Block film & art festival in Logan Oct. 6-7


The Block film & art festival — incorporating the Logan Film Festival in it’s 6th year — are excited to announce the full event lineup for the October 6-7th activities.


Festival happenings include 60 film screenings, more than 50 bands and musicians, artist installations and galleries, panel discussions and Robotics@TheBlock, a high school competition. Passes grant access to the ‘Film’ and ‘Learn’ programmes and sell for $45 online and at the event. Discount passes are available for purchase at Island Market, Waffle Iron, Morty’s Cafe and Caffe Ibis for $20. Students can purchase passes at any time for $5 with a valid student ID. All ‘Music’ and ‘Art’ events are free.


“We look forward to hosting everyone in Logan’s Historic Theatre District,” said producer Mary Urban Clarke. “The Block has more to explore this year than ever before. Half of this year’s content is Utah based, with other films, artists and musicians from around the world. Our event highlights Cache Valley’s ability to embrace and empower artists to celebrate the arts at unprecedented levels”.


As with years past, The Block film & arts festival enjoys a robust collaborative effort with Utah State University. The partnership with the Caine College of the Arts spans the six-year history of the festival and spreads to every facet of the festival.


“We are honored to be an official event on USU Year of the Arts calendar and steering committee,” Urban Clarke said. “Many current students, alumni, professors and other staff volunteer with The Block. In fact, the majority of our production team are USU Alumni. Each programme hosts artists, educators, musicians and filmmakers with a connection to USU. And none of this would have been possible without the legacy of Utah State’s Alan Hashimoto, an inspiration to all.”


Film Programme


The festival leads with ‘Dying in Vein’, an intimate portrait of heroin addiction, recovery and the complicated path that leads from teenaged drug use to addiction.‘Superpowerless’, directed by Utah Valley University professor Duane Anderson, tells the story of a superhero having to adjust to normal life after he loses his powers when he turns 40. The story of iconic Welsh rock musician Mike Peters (of The Alarm), his rise to fame, battle with cancer and inspiring climb back is featured in ‘The Man in the Camo Jacket’. All the featured films have Utah-based filmmakers.


Films produced by current USU students and alumni include:


10 Years Later by Tyson Hadfield and shot in Cache Valley
The Cost of Being Different by Steven jerman, documenting life in Logan
Called to Walls, a collaborative film presentation with USU’s Year of the Arts “Arts Education Conference,” working with Raymond Veon and Jeff Mather with a special guest appearance by the filmmaker
Operation Tonga Relief produced in part by USU alumni Dominic Bohne and Derick Lott
Freezer Burn and Interrogation by Keenan Panti and Keith Shepro from USU’s partnering film school Salt Lake Community College
Resilience, by Danielle Green, a documentary filmed in Cache Valley. Green is a recent USU graduate and previous volunteer for The Block
Fed, by Joseph Quillen is a current USU student & shot in Cache Valley
Somos tus Vecinos directed by Crescencio Lopez, assistant professor in College of Humanities and Social Sciences and featuring Utah State students and alumni
Side by Side, by Jesse Budd


For more information on all screenings visit


Art Programme


Artistic expression in many forms will be shown inside each theatre lobby and surrounding businesses, and within the festival footprint. Jeff Mather and Fast Forward Charter High School’s collaboration can be found in ‘Gallery Alley.’ Michael Bingham’s installation located in the alley facing Main Street t requires attendees to look up to experience something unique.


The festival is pleased to announce the return of the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art’s Art Truck. The Caine College of the Arts gallery, located at the Starrsteppers Dance Studio, features printmakers Brianna Callan and Shawna Bollingbroke, current USU students and showcases the Year of the Arts. Caine College alumni projects include an interactive 3D comic by Rufus Zaejodaeus and a graffiti wall by Holly Conger and Mateo Rueda.


Music Programme


The Block Stage showcases an exciting lineup of bands and musicians of a variety of genres. Headlining this year for Friday night is Strange Familia and Sarah Anne DeGraw & the Odd Jobs on Saturday night. More live music is scheduled at The Cache Venue, The Factory, Whysound, The Waffle Iron, The Crepery and Stacked.


USU’s Guitar Program alumni Kellin Gibbons of Treebeard Trio and Megan Simper with Allie Harris of Momma LongLegs feature prominently in our ‘MUSIC’ programme. Summer Bloom’s Sam Pond also boasts his USU roots.


Aggie Radio has teamed with local guitar craftsman Ryan Thorell to create a unique experience. Thorell’s collection of hand-made instruments will be on display while Aggie Radio projects music documentaries. Attendees can find this gallery in the special events space at Stacked.


For information on the music line-up see


Learn Programme


Artists, educators and community leaders come together for seven curated panels at Starrsteppers Dance Studio. Subjects include The Opioid Crisis, The Importance of Community Events and the Arts and Surviving as a Musical Craftsman. New this year is ‘Robotics@TheBlock,’ a statewide competition for high school students taking place Saturday during the day in the northwest section of the festival footprint.


USU educators and alumni speak as subject matter experts on the following panels:


The UPR Opioid Crisis Panel:
-Features Kristen Munson (UPR original series reporter/producer), & Amy Odum (USU professor of psychology)


Promoting Arts in the Digital Era Panel:
-Features Preston Parker (USU instructor in communication), & Whitney Schulte (Caine College of the Arts marketing and public relations coordinator)


Importance of Community Events and the Arts Panel:
-Features Nicholas Morrison (Caine College of the Arts executive associate dean)


Art as a Form of Political Protest Panel Discussion:
-Features Laura Gelfand (USU head of the Department of Arts & Design), Mateo Rueda (USU/CCoA master’s graduate and CCSD elementary art teacher) and Debra Jensen (USU assistant professor in journalism)


Freedom of Speech Through the Arts Panel:
-Features Marissa Vigneault (USU assistant professor of art history), and Steve Sharp (USU instructor of political science)


Schedule and passes are available on the festival’s official facebook page and websites:
Facebook Event Page
Schedule, Passes, and general information:


About The Block film & art festival


The Block film & arts festival is produced entirely on a volunteer basis by working professionals in creative fields with a passion for the arts. Logan Film Festival was founded in 2011 largely through the endless energy of late Utah State University design professor, Alan Hashimoto, and continues as the Film component of The Block’s four programmes. The Block is an intimate celebration of independent vision and artistic expression, transforming Logan’s Historic Theatre District by empowering creators and inspiring creation. This vision involves collaborating with residents, K-12 schools, university students and faculty, and local businesses to create a community venue for art.


Article from Utah State Today