The Block film & art festival continues 2017


By Bill Walter | Sunday, October 1, 2017


Last year it was expanded to include a broad stage of music, bands (local and non-local) and that expansion continues into the second year of the Block Film Festival to be held this Friday and Saturday in downtown Logan. It started as the Logan Film Festival but organizers soon saw the need to stretch out into a bigger event.


One of the people involved, Mason Wendell, was on KVNU’s For the People program this past Thursday and told us what we can expect this year.


“We’ve set up this experience where we’re putting this year 60 films in three theatres. We have over 50 bands and musicians that are scheduled in over six different downtown venues. And last time I checked, it’s around 30 art gallery installations that are both inside and outside of downtown businesses and that’s in conjunction with Cache Valley Center for the Arts Gallery Walk,” according to Wendell.


He said they will also have a Learn Program that is dedicated to providing educational opportunities which include seven panels.


As far as film venues they include the Utah Theatre, the Lyric Theatre and the Dansante. The festival leads with ‘Dying in Vein’, an intimate portrait of heroin addiction, recovery and the complicated path that leads from teenaged drug use to addiction. Another film is entitled ‘Superpowerless’, directed by a professor from Utah Valley University that tells the story of a superhero having to adjust to normal life after he loses his powers when he turns 40.


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