The Block festival setting up downtown in Logan this weekend

LOGAN – One of the biggest events to happen in downtown Logan each year, for the last eight years, is the Block Film & Art Festival beginning Friday at 5 p.m. and going until late Saturday night. It does feature about 36 films but it’s also an art-installation festival and also has live music at various downtown venues.


On KVNU’s For the People program on Thursday, one of the producers, Mary Urban-Clark, was joined by film maker Bruce Logan, whose film Lost Fare will be featured Friday night at the Caine Lyric Theatre, located at 28 W Center St.


“Lost Fare is a film made with a lot of love, based on true events of one of the writers of the project. It’s about two lost souls that go on a journey of redemption together,” Logan explained.


He said it might be a difficult film to watch but has an important message. It is mentioned on the Block film website that it does have Mature Content and Language. Bruce Logan has had quite a career working as a technician for special effects and said his claim to fame was getting to blow-up the Death Star in the original Star Wars film.


Urban-Clark said another event is back for its 2nd year, the Taco Extravaganza.


“It all came from the incredible mind of Crescencio Lopez,” Urban-Clark said, “who many of the listeners might know him for everything he does to cultivate the Latinx experience on campus. Yeah he came to us last year, he said ‘Let’s have tacos…lets just do it.’”


She said in addition to great tacos, traditional Aztec dancers from Blackfoot, Idaho will be performing as well. You can get the complete schedule of the festival at


AUDIO: Mary Urban-Clark and filmmaker Bruce Logan talk to Jason Williams of “For The People”