Review: Logan Film Festival headliner provokes heavy thought

25Sep, 2014 by


“20,000 Days on Earth” offers insight about life from the mind of a brilliant singer/songwriter.


It is the 20-thousandth day of the life of Nick Cave, an actual person who makes sense of the world by writing and performing his music. It is obvious that he has suffered a lot for his craft. In one scene, he describes his childhood as being wonderful, having grown up with a father who was supportive of him. However, in writing his music, he has put himself in some dark places, transforming into a melancholy figure with a history of drug abuse.


Before seeing this film, I was confused about what it was. Its Internet Movie Database page says Cave plays himself. Because of this, I assumed it would be a straight documentary. This assumption turned out to be wrong as the film opened. It starts with Cave doing a flawlessly-written narration that could have only been scripted. While there is a definite documentary feel to it, it is a fictionalized look at the singer’s life. Cave helped pen the script, which explains how the major themes are from his point-of-view.