A Weekend for Celebration: a column by Harry Caines

On the weekend of October 7th, something wonderful will happen in Cache Valley. Three major cultural events will take place in Logan on that Friday and Saturday that will be worth your time, money and support.


I have used this space many times to lament the dearth of cultural events in Cache Valley. I have assailed the Powers That Be in Northern Utah for doing close to nothing regarding the exodus of disposable income that is eventually spent in Idaho, Salt Lake City and the Ogden area. Not now.


October 7th and 8th is going to be the weekend that Cache Valley holds events that will shift the cultural and social climate of this area. And, by doing so, will also open up avenues of economic growth that Cache Valley has only be seeking by attempting to woo chain restaurants and low-end retail shopping.


The event taking place on both days is ‘The Block film and art festival”. This two day event is set up specifically to showcase the best in independent filmmaking. The festival will also include over 30 musical acts playing at four different venues. I have long been a fan of Cache Valley’s local music scene. One of the best things anyone living in this area can do is sit at a local eatery or music hall and listen to the plethora of stunningly talented musicians perform.


I spoke with Mason Johnson, co-creator of “The Block”. He told me that this inaugural festival is an opportunity for residents of Cache Valley to have a “film festival experience” that this area can embrace. Johnson said that “The Block” was inspired by such events as the “Life Is Beautiful” festival in Las Vegas and the “Telluride Film Festival” held annually in Colorado. The main object, Johnson told me, was to offer a “unique downtown experience”.


Along with music and film, many forums on social issues and informative talks on the craft of filmmaking will be offered. The full list of venues for the films, music and forums can be found at the festival’s website, https://theblockfestival.org. This site is expected to be updated up to and including the days of the events. Ticket pricing and locations are also available at the site. They are not expensive.


And, yes, as much as it pains me to add this caveat to my column, there will be many “family-friendly” films and events at “The Block”. Johnson informed me that all of the events will list any objectionable content that may be included. “There will be something for everyone,” Johnson assured me.


And that leads me to the second event, which has become my absolute favorite thing to do in Cache Valley. The bi-monthly Gallery Walk has moved off its traditional date of the second Friday of each even-numbered month to coincide with the other events of the 7th and 8th. The Gallery Walk will take place on Friday, October 7th, from 6-9 p.m.


It is fitting, proper and logical for the organizers of the Gallery Walk to move the event.


Having the local art galleries open that are located smack in the middle of Downtown Logan will add a heightened sense that the weekend is an “it event”. Music, movies, art. The original and more intellectual version of MMA. I’m in!


And this leads us to the third event ()


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